August 7, 2005

Scratchbuilt Refit Bridge

And here's the final one I built, of the Star Trek II bridge. It's to the same scale as the previous ones, and obviously still needs some final details added (a couple more chairs, the silver fire extinguishers, etc). But I doubt I'll ever get to it.

Please excuse the little Kirk sculpt. That was my first attempt at sculpting a miniature figure and I clearly suck at it.

The view from the turbolift...

And finally here's a couple in-progress shots I took, just to show what I started with:


  1. Dear sir
    Hi my name is rob Olson
    Why was this never put into production as a model
    Like the tos bridge was?
    I think bill shatner would help to get this going !
    I love what you done and how do I get this version of thr refit
    Bridge for my Arizona class ship
    I am a member and founder of the Arizona club here in Canada
    You can email me at
    This was James Rohan's enterprise and kirks ,
    Live long and prosper